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Daily Schedule

A child's development is important to us. To accomplish this, routine and consistency contribute largely to orientate and familiarize your child into a learning routine throughout the day. This routine consist of structured learning, play-time, and verbal, visual, and physical activities. 

Even though our success may vary with each child, on an average , we are seeing our 18 month olds recognizing all of their ABCs by site. They can count to 30 and they can recognize their numbers 1 to 30 when shown randomly. They can recognize their basic colors, and shapes. In addition to the previous, two-year olds can count to 100 and recognize over 250 site words, which allows them to read at an advanced Kindergarten and 1st grade level.

Please note:
With infants, the schedule may often times be adjusted to their preference of play.  Infant's diaper changing is scheduled 3 times a day, according to the Texas Childcare law. However, if the child requires more diaper changing, it will be done on an individual basis.

Infants are given tummy time on the floor twice a day. They are exercised with leg movement, sit-ups, and standing exercises. For a more detailed explanation of this infant program, please review the child's play on the home page.

Our schedule is consistent and includes all Certified Texas Pre-K requirements.
In addition, all two-year olds will be tested with the Board of Education Pre-K testing modules on a twice- yearly basis. This testing is done on our touch computer. These reports are given to the parent to let them know where their child is according to these standards. It also gives parents and us a base line for either improvement or accelerated studies.






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