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Pre-K Learning Concepts

Here at Cozy Cubbies Home Childcare we believe that the earlier you start teaching "Pre-K" concepts to your one and two year olds, the more advantage you give your child once they start Kindergarten.

We have proven this method on many occasions with our children. Our children at the earliest age of 1 and 2 years can read, recognize their ABCs and numbers by sight, and can identify their colors and shapes. For the more advanced two year olds, they get introduction to counting, math, addition, subtraction, and reasoning development.

All of our toddlers have computer time which includes orientation to the computer and lesson assignments for their specific age.

Our basic principles are defined as:

1.  Method one - We teach from the concrete to the abstract - Learning progresses from the concrete to the abstract. Concrete refers to the world of things and events. It is easier to compare hardness and softness by touching a sponge and block than by remembering things that are hard and soft.

2.  Method two - We teach from the simple to the complex - Learning progresses from the simple to the complex. It is easier to work with five items than with fifteen.

3.  Method three - We teach from the facts to concepts - Learning progresses from facts to concepts. Experiences challenge children to reconstruct concepts that no longer serve them. For example, the concept of vehicles grows after the child has experienced different kinds of vehicles, and as the range of images of objects considered to be vehicles increases.

4.  Method four - We teach from the known to the unknown - Learning progresses from the known to the unknown. Experiences that are familiar and those that include only a few unknown facts, accompanied by known facts are easier to process than experiences in which almost everything is new. For example, new learning "hooks" onto what is known, therefore, we start with familiar activities before introducing new, unfamiliar ones.

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