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We have a A+ rating from the BBB and have been viewed positive on many other websites. Please read below some comments that our parents have submitted:


June 30, 2018 mark W. Wonderful Childcare
I had a relative of mine that had her child at this childcare and she had to leave because she moved out of state, but her review of this childcare were excellent. She always talked about how wonderful the owner and staff were and how much the children learned and were treated under their care. I recently visited the childcare and unfortunately, they did not have a current slot for me, but the owner promised me that I would be called as soon as one opened up. I was so impressed and I do plan to call back frequently to get my daughter into this childcare.
january 4, 2018 misty b. love it
My wife and I had our son at Cozy Cubbies before we moved to Dallas. The owner and staff there are really great people and the learning abilities of these ladies are remarkable! Because of the care and education that he received there, he is now in an advanced class, far above his normal age.
december 12, 2017 ashley p. love them
Ms. Trudy owner of Cozy Cubbies was heaven sent! I recently moved from Texas back home to Chicago, IL and upon leaving Texas I was heartbroken that I had to leave Cozy Cubbies. Ms. Trudy kept my son Amari since he was a couple months old and I felt like I couldn't trust anyone else with my son because most of my family was back home in Chicago. Although Ms. Trudy was strict, that discipline helped Amari so much, at 3 he is able to read site words, count to 100 and his manners could not be more perfect. I was so impressed because Cozy Cubbies is a home daycare but with an academic curriculum of a school. My son had access to computer software that tested and kept track of his learning progress. Besides the learning aspects, my child and I felt like part of the family with hugs and kisses at arrival, to sweet notes sent home explaining how great Amari was that day. I am praying Chicago daycares have some of the qualities that Ms. Trudy exhibited at her home daycare. My son still asked for her, which is sad but Ms. Trudy has called a couple times to check on us. That is a person who really cares about the children.
december 2, 2017 jean b.. best childcare in Arlington

I am writing this review because my child had been with Cozy Cubbies for over 4 years until they went to Pre-K. The owner and staff there are great. My child had excelled in Pre-K and Kindergarten. I have seen people come and not pay her. I have seen people demand her to do things that other childcares don't do.

This is a great childcare. Please do not let angry people put you off of this childcare. It is one of the greatest childcare that I have come across and if I have any more children, they will definitely go to this childcare.

july 20, 2016 Anna J. Lucky to have found them
WOW! What a great childcare. I came to interview with the owner and I was so impressed that I had to come and write this review. I was recommended by my sister who has had her children in this childcare on and off for over 3 years. The children that I saw there were happy and very respectful to me. I watched a two year old reading a book and another 1 1/2 year old working on the computer. I was blown away and I cannot wait to have my child attending this childcare.